Massage treatments

Massage treatments are no one size fits all. Most people have expectations or aliments that they desire attention on. This is your treatment and so, you will have the space to express and share if you already know what works for you.

For many, massage is about surrender. If you want to feel held, in safe and well qualified hands you can arrive and land in the space and let my intuition and your body guide the way.

Full body massage by Natalie Davis

75 minute full body massage £45

From face-to-toe, soak your body into the couch and surrender. This is a treatment to leave you feeling revived, restored and nourished. The treatment incorporates techniques drawn from trainings in Swedish, Deep Tissue and Thai to create the perfect recipe for the individual client, sometimes on the couch or working on the floor. Choose from coconut or sweet almond oil for silky smooth hydrated skin. This is for those of you who want to unwind and relive tired bodies or simply restore and re-set.

Face neck and shoulder massage by Natalie Davis

35 minute face, neck and shoulders £36

The golden trio for many bodies. There are so many muscles in our face working all day and so deeply linked to our emotional self. To have the face massaged can be an instantly soothing experience. I will aim to bring length to the neck and shoulders to drain any held tension away. This is popular if you only have limited time such as a lunch break.

Back neck and shoulder massage by Natalie Davis

35 minute back, neck and shoulders £36

Fold yourself face-down into the couch and allow your back, neck and shoulders to experience a well deserved break. Aimed at relaxing the spine and soothing out the knots under the shoulder blades, there's no doubt you will feel a new found range of movement when you wake.

pregnancy massage client


For pregnancy massage we will lie you on your side and nestle you pillows to support and cushion your body. I will focus on the hips and shoulders to find that space in your body that is feeling compromised as someone grows within you. Depending on your need extra attention can then be paid to the neck and face or perhaps legs. Where you are in the term of your pregnancy may determine where you most feel you’d like my attention.


Chi Nei Tsang


This is a treatment for nourishing the emotional and the physical self. The abdomen can be a sensitive and guarded place and in recognition of this we will start with deep belly breathing guided by gentle pressure from my hands. Soothing, nourishing touches; stroking, rocking circling, clearing the pathways for your body’s natural energy to flow. I will always finish a treatment with attention on the neck and head or feet. For more information on CNT please see the CNT page on this site.


Each treatment is unique to each client. Whether one needs an invigorating and warming massage or it be the time for a nurturing and relaxing session. There are a wealth of movements and techniques to suit your body and mood. Not everyone will enjoy the same pressure, not everyone will want the same stokes, but everyone will want to feel cared for and listened to and this is what Natalie Davis Massage promises to offer.