Massage treatments

At the start of each treatment YOU will be asked a few questions about YOURSELF. this enables the massage to be best suited to your individual needs and makes each and every treatment unique.

75 minute full body massage £45

From face-to-toe, soak your body into the couch and surrender. This is a treatment to leave you feeling revived, restored and nourished. The treatment incorporates techniques drawn from Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage to create the perfect recipe for the individual client Choose from coconut or sweet almond oil for silky smooth hydrated skin. 


35 minute face, neck and shoulders £36

Lie back and relax all the muscles that you had no idea you used so often. Feel your face lift, your neck lengthen, and your shoulders sink. Feel gentle almond oil hydrating your skin and long effleurage strokes ironing-out tension in the neck. This is a perfect treat for your body.


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35 minute back, neck and shoulders £36

Fold yourself face-down into the couch and allow your back, neck and shoulders to experience a well deserved break. Aimed at relaxing the spine and soothing out the knots under the shoulder blades, there's no doubt you will feel a new found range of movement when you wake.



Growing a little child definitely deserves a 75 minute moment for your body. Lying on your side I will mobilise your hips and shoulders to find that space in your body that is feeling compromised as someone grows within you. Depending on the need extra attention can then be paid to the feet or face, neck and shoulders to create a complete blissful package for you and your baby.


Each treatment is unique to each client. Whether one needs an invigorating and warming massage or it be the time for a nurturing and relaxing session. There are a wealth of movements and techniques to suit your body and mood. Not everyone will enjoy the same pressure, not everyone will want the same stokes, but everyone will want to feel cared for and listened to and this is what Natalie Davis Massage promises to offer.