"I've always felt that Natalie creates a really good atmosphere and guides you into the experience naturally. She has a good instinctual skill with massaging as well as all the technical knowledge. I always come out feeling deeply relaxed and well cared for" - Isabelle. Puppet Maker

'Natalie provides excellent treatments. Her consultations ensure she fully understands any issues or concerns and adapts each treatment specifically to meet those needs. She is professional and her presence is incredibly calming and relaxing to help ensure you are too throughout the treatment. Highly recommended.' Leah, Personal Trainer

'A truly amazing massage. She really tailored the massage to my aches and pains in my lower back and felt she could read my body, using the right pressure in the right places. Healing hands, nice oils, relaxing music and sceren space. I can't recommend enough." - Jerome, Carpenter

I had a massage from Natalie last week and it was absolutely brilliant. As a massage therapist myself you become very critical and picky. Natalie was fantastic and I would definitely recommend her. Look forward to my next one. - Dave, Massage Therapist.

'I was gifted this massage with Natalie and it was incredible and probably the best massage I've had. She was intuitive, thorough and I really felt in good hands. She worked on parts of the body which I didn't know were carrying tension and incorporates breathing techniques which helped to fully relax me. I left the room in a beautiful fluffy cloud which, I haven't had from pervious massages. Excellent value for money and a very talented lady.' - Stella, Chef

'The mental fog cleared. I have had such a busy week with the demands of my clients and this treatment gave me the space to process and gave me a clarity to start problem solving where I had felt a mental block!" - Nash Business Consultant**

I feel so held. That what it is that is so special about your massages, I feel held. This is such a special space. Jane, Accountant**

Why don't I do this more often? Martin, Builder**